As part of the CS4EU project, a series of meetings called IdeaLabs were designed in order to bring young people together and empower them to come up with solution s to problems that are being discussed. The first IdeaLab happened in Bitola and was facilitated by Antonio Danilovski. The 2-day event  gathered around 25 participants from the city and the region to work on the topic of ”Working against discrimination”.

The sessions of day 1 had the purpose to introduce the participants to the topic and to map the common grounds on which everyone will be working as a group. The participants had a discussion/debate on the topic of discrimination in different situations and then the facilitator had a theoretical input on types of discrimination in the form of a presentation, followed by a discussion.

The second day was used to go deeper into the topic. The participants were divided into smaller groups and given the task to work on 5 topics: segregation of Roma people, discrimination based on religion, discrimination against the LGBTQI community, people with disability and discrimination, hate speech. The participants worked to create an action plan containing suggestions of what can be done on local, regional and national levels in order to counter discrimination.