The second IdeaLab was held in Kumanovo between 11 and 12 of July. The topic of the IdeaLab was ”Sustainable Development”, and it was facilitated by Gabrijela Boshkov, researcher and personal consultant.

Sustainable Development is a topic that is becoming more visible in all sectors – civil society organisations, businesses, governmental institutions, individuals. The participants who attended the IdeaLab came from various sectors (municipality, local youth council, CSOs, interested young people), proving that sustainable development is possible only through trans-sectoral cooperation.

The first day of the IdeaLab was reserved for the discussion of the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for the period 2015-2030. The participants discussed in smaller groups the goals, tried to prioritize them based on their area of work/activity and came to the conclusion that some goals are more important or urgent in their society than others.

On the second day, the participants were split into groups to work on 5 SDGs that they selected as priority in the country. They discussed and came up with suggestions for activities/initiatives collected into an action plan. One of the planned outcomes was to organise a Multicultural Camp that will gather youngsters from different religious and cultural backgrounds and from both rural and urban areas with the purpose to learn together about human values that we all should share.

Teodora Mladenovska, one of the participants, shares her impression after the IdeaLab:

The second IdeaLab on Sustainable Development  was a challenge for me because I worked in a group with people of different ages, where  we exchanged various considerations and opinions, and our topic was employment. After that I attended 2 more IdeaLabs:  Social inclusion of marginalised groups and Youth; all workshops were interesting and special in their own way. The IdeaLabs are activities meant at gathering and engaging people with different opinions and ideas.  With participating in these workshops I received a great experience and knowledge on various topics from everyday life, which can help me for my further personal development. I’m very pleased and grateful that I have been part of these workshops.