This IdeaLab on Media Pluralism targeted participants who are interested in finding out the situation related to media pluralism in the country and, more specifically, how to engage various CSO representatives in an open brainstorming to generate ideas for advocacy on EU reforms, following recommendations of the EU Progress Report. It was held between 14-15 July, in Skopje. The facilitator for the workshop was Zoran Bojarovski.

The first part of the workshop introduced the participants to the concept of media pluralism and encouraged a free discussion on  how media pluralism tackles democratic values such are freedom of expression, freedom of media, media diversity, diverse audience interests, etc.

While exploring deeper the topic, the participants chose to focus on one aspect of media pluralism, which is media literacy. While preparing a lobby strategy in the second phase of the project, they learned about the legislative framework, most important factors among government institutions and Civil Society Organizations, mapping supporters and opponents during the advocacy campaign.

The participants displayed a genuine interest in working on the topic of media literacy. Most of them were coming from civil society organisations so there interest focused on how they could improve the media literacy and the collaboration with various media outlets in the country.