The fourth event of the IdeaLabs initiative took place in Skopje as well, on  July 18-19. It gathered around 25 participants to discuss a topic that is crucial when it comes to the activisation of civil society – youth. The facilitator for this IdeaLab was Mila Karadafova, Executive Director at Center for youth activism KRIK.

In the first day the participants had group discussions about what they understand as the role of youth in society. In smaller groups, they discussed and presented their views, exploring youth participation on local, regional and national levels. The facilitator had an input on how youth is involved in civil society processes on the national level.

In the second day the participants worked again in groups, this time specifically on developing initiatives for the topics suggested by the facilitator. The initiatives will be analysed by the facilitator, who will also give support in the implementation of the selected ones.

Dario Korolija, one of the participants, shares with us how he saw his participation in the IdeaLab:

The IdeaLabs for me were a total success and a perfect continuation of the work that we did during the Multipliers Training in Mavrovo several months ago. I had the chance to attend the two-day meetings in Kumanovo and in Skopje, where we develop some nice ideas together with the other participants; we discussed and brainstormed over different topics, coming up with ideas for every IdeaLab in part. The ideas will be evaluated by our facilitators, who will chose one initiative each that will be worked upon and implemented. I am proud of being part of this project and that I was given the chance to contribute to a better tomorrow.