The CS4EU project started in the beginning of 2016 and brought together over 50 CSOs from Macedonia. Overall the IdeaLabs brought together young people and gave them a chance to promote solution to problems that are facing the communities. At the final IdeaLab in the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, the participants discussed solutions on how to socially include marginalized groups into society.

On the first day of the IdeaLab, the participants introduced themselves and presented to the group what they do and what marginalized group they would like to work with and why. After, they divided into small groups and devised presentations on their marginalized group by saying what makes this group marginalized and what can be done to change this. During the second day the participants continued working and went into detail and depth on their groups and devised project proposals for how they are planning on addressing the issues that their marginalized group is facing. The idea lab decided to introduce the following marginalized groups: homeless people, single-parents, The LGBTQIA community, Roma people and people with disabilities.

Now that the IdeaLabs have come to an end, a period of revision will be under way during which the mentors of the project will revise all the project ideas and give feedback to the participant after which a selection will be made to take part of the participants to Brussels for a study visit during which they will talk with experts who will give them assistance and input on how they can take their project idea further.