After the implementation of the IdeaLabs in July, several initiatives were proposed by the participants to be developed into advocacy initiatives. Many topics were discussed, analysed and debated during the IdeaLabs, and the following topics were selected for further implementation:

For the IL ”Youth”, the chosen topic was youth work and its relevance in the current context in Macedonia, considering that youth work is not recognised as a profession by the Macedonian ministries related to youth work.

The IL ”Sustainable development” picked the topic of youth competitivity on the labor market, having in mind the high unemployment rates and the challenges that young people face to become employed.

The IL ”Media pluralism” focused on the need to have a student radio, which tackles the issue of limited media channels available for youth and youth-friendly.

The IL ”Working against discrimination” found relevant to work on the topic of segregation of the Roma community, a phenomenon that can be observed in the majority of Macedonian settlements.

The working groups for the advocacy initiatives have been created based on an open call and have had several meetings in the months of October, November and December. As a result, activity plans were created for each advocacy initiatives, which can be consulted here.

The working groups are now ready to meet with the mentors and to work on the following steps of implementation of their initiatives.